Burwell Village Carnival



From the funds raised during 2018, Burwell Carnival distributed £7840 to over 30 local groups and charities by our current Carnival Queen, Monica and her assistant Nell, during a fun Autumn evening in the Ex-Service Club!

Burwell’s groups and local services used their donations to continue to provide our village with their fantastic service by renewing equipment, facilitating further field trips and outings and engagement for the community.

As part of our additional fundraising for 2019, we successfully applied to be one of the three local groups that will benefit from your 1% spend on Co-op products and services from our North Street and Ness Road Co-ops, for which we are exceptionally grateful. If you aren’t already a Co-op member, please do sign-up, use your card and then nominate either Burwell Carnival, Burwell Tigers Football Club or Friends of Burwell Village College to benefit further and you get 5% back to spend as well. Everyone’s a winner, so please do take action if you haven’t done so already!